Richard Hakluyt, The principall nauigations, voyages, traffiques and discouertes of the English nation. fº. London, 1599.2bus volum.

The principal nauigations, voyages, traffiques and discoueries of the English nation, made by sea or ouer-land, to the remote and farthest distant quarters of the earth, at any time within the compasse of these 1600. yeres: diuided into three seuerall volumes, according to the positions of the regions, whereunto they were directed. The first volume containeth the worthy discoueries, [and] of the English toward the North and Northeast Sea, as of Lapland, Scriksinia, Corelia, the Baie of S. Nicholas, the Isles of Colge... V...z, and Newa Zembla, toward the great rive ob, with the mightie Empire of B... the Caspian Sea, Georgia, Armenia, Media, Persia, Boghar in Battia, and diuers Kingdomes of Tartaria: together with many notable monuments and testimonies of the ... forren trades, and of the warrelike and other shipping of this Relame of England in former ages. Wherunto is annexed a briefe comentarie of the true state of Island, and of the Northren seas and lands situate that way: as also theme morable defeat of the Spanish huge Armada, Anno 1588. The second volume comprehendeth the principall nauigations, voiages, traffiques, and difcoueries of the English. Nation, made by sea or ouer-land, to the south and south-east parts of the world, as well within as without the streight of Gibraltar, at any time within the compasse of their 1600 yeres : Diuided into two severall parts, [and]. By Richard Hakluyt preacher, and sometime student of Christ-Church in Oxford. Imprinted at London George Bishop, Ralph Newberie and and Robert Barker1599 [-1600]