Parsons, Robert

A treatise of three conuersions of England from paganisme to Christian religion. The first vnder the Apostles, in the first age after Christ: the second vnder Pope Eleutherius and K. Lucius, in the second age. The third, vnder Pope Gregory the Great, and K. Ethelbert in the sixth age; vvith diuers other matters thereunto apperteyning. Diuided into three partes, as appeareth in the next page. The former two whereof are handled in this booke, and dedicated to the Catholikes of England. VVith a nevv addition to the said Catholikes, vpon the nevvs of the late Q. death. and succession of his Maiestie of Scotland, to the crovvne of England. By N.D. author of the VVard-vvord. [Saint-Omer] Imprinted [by François Bellet] vvith licence 1603 [-1604]

1603 [-1604]